Seeds. There are so many types, which one are you planting?

Starting gardens is hard work.  You don’t have a lot of tools to work with and not a lot of money to spare to get them, so you make due with some not so fancy ones to get you by with.  OR..Start out with putting some borders together to make a mound that is higher than the ground, and put all kinds of dead leaves, twigs, straw, even go as far as manures to get the harder stuff to break down and decompose enough to make it suitable for seeds.

Many people have planted gardens for years.  For the purpose of food mainly, some for a living to sell the produce.  Nothing like fresh vegetables and fruits from your own garden right?  But there is another type of seed we all have to deal with.  Seeds we sow from who we are.

The parable of the sower and the seed.  God tells us that he has sown seeds in each of us.  He handed down laws and told us how he would love for us to live for him, and how we need to face the fact we sinned and need repentance to return to God’s will again.

There are seeds that are thrown out there by this sower.  Some fall on grounds that bring about fertile soil, and those plants do make it.  Some are on rocky ground,  well, you get the idea.  So what kind of seed did God throw us?  The same one he always had.  It is where WE as a people planted that makes it take root or not.  Whether we tend it or not.  If the word of God is not relevant in us, then that seed dies and becomes as chaff and is burned in the fire at harvest.  If we tend it just a little bit, and give it just enough water but not enough to let it grow up, then it wilts and dies out as well.  When we gather around others who are among the thorns, then HIS word is choked out and the plant dies way before harvest, and is or remains unfruitful.

People who do this planting can sometimes be as loving as God is, and patient to see the fruit develop.  But they only give it a certain time before chopping it down.  Sometimes people are so impatient that they waited long enough to how this seed grows.  Did you know some seeds actually take a whole year or two before it even sprouts?  First come the roots, then come the stems, then the leaves…But people give up on such things as they consider it a lost cause for growing such plants.  They want to see fruit, NOW!  Apple trees don’t start showing their fruit till well into the tenth year of planting.  Sadly, people no longer plant such things as it “takes way too long to bring forth fruit”.  Apple trees don’t grow true apples, they have to have grafts implanted in their trunks for fruit to develop.  Some farmers have ignored this and got a lot of crab apples in its place.

Then there are some corrupt seeds that just don’t seem to die, but are very lively and invasive.  They don’t bring beauty, or flowers, but actual weeds that seem to need plucking out for the fruitful ones to live.  People who have tended gardens know what I am talking about.  Weeds take up the same nutrients as fruitful seeds but invade their space.  Unchecked, they grow along side the good seed and cover up the seedlings as they grow leaving it without sunlight.  Kinda like the rich stepping on the poor and not concerned with how they steal money from them to keep living their own lifestyles while others suffer.  Christians are sometimes like this.  Oh yes.  Christians do grow up and have lots of fruit, and seem wise but in actuality, invade others who struggle with growth.  Well, they don’t need as much light right?

I used to belong to a Church of Christ.  But then the word of God started taking root, and I no longer believed that anyone could lose their salvation as I kept asking questions.  Seems asking questions will even drive the hard core JW’s out of a home.  You either accept what they tell you or you are in sin.  But I began to believe in what a Baptist church had to say about God.  I got kicked out of the Church of Christ, but never accepted in a Baptist church as each one tells me to go back to the church I came from.  Church of Christ keeps me out, and now the Baptist church won’t let me in either.  If I am to come to church, sit down and shut up, if I have questions ask my husband.  What happens when your spouse isn’t saved?  Do you still ask them?  and if they don’t answer then who do you ask?  God.  Again, this isn’t very helpful is it?  If one spouse fights tooth and nail against truth, and you find yourself walking alone, and no company to keep you straight, you know you are in the right spot with God.  Job was in this path too.  His own wife even told him, why don’t you just get it over with and curse God and let him end you?  But what did Job do?  Worshipped God anyway, even though his friends and family gave up on him and counted him a lost cause.  All the while, it was a test.  How long did he endure this test?  Does it matter?  Would you still worship God in all this?

Im not alone.  They did this to many others.  John 9 even tells us that a blind man who was always taken to a spot to beg, and Jesus came upon him, put some mud in his eyes and told him to go wash and show a priest.  He obeyed, and behold, his eyes could see.  He was no longer blind.  When he goes to show a priest, instead of amazement, he called his parents in to discuss this “miracle”.  In fear of being kicked out of the church, his parents said, he is old enough, ask him.  So when they did, he again gave the same testimony of Christ, and booted him out of the Church for it.  I wonder why I was made to see that I would get this same treatment?  Then it came to me, so as I could worship God right where I was.

I don’t need someone to come and fertilize my ground for my seeds, and neither do you.  You have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and yet don’t believe?  Ever wonder if it is because God said that parables are only open to those who will believe?  I believe in Him.  Satan even believes in God, and trembles.  They fear him most of all, and they should.   They know what happens when he returns.  I fear him for a different reason.  It is the beginning of wisdom, and the start of my understanding of who I am and who he is.  What I grow up to be, I pray, is to be just the fruitful item he wanted.  A sweet aroma, and a taste that is to his liking.  The only reason you would not understand that statement is because you don’t understand how I am.   What type of seed are you?  What have you planted?

Even when you are alone, Put GOD first.

I am not talking to you today about the struggles we all face, for we do have them.   Sometimes this will make us feel alone, even when we are in a crowd of people.  Some will leave you alone because they “just don’t get you”.  More often than not, we find in this world of chaos, that we all have triggers in ourself that either turn people away, or make them leave, or even begin to hate us.  Fighting even for a good cause will make them turn against us for whatever reason.  You are not alone.  Jesus wanted company with man.  He even made us for that very purpose, to have fellowship with him, on his terms.  As you begin to read the scriptures, read a chapter at a time, and beginning with Genesis 1.  It is NOT a race to see if you can read the entire bible within the year, but what you have learned in that year.

Many people can brag about how many times they have read the bible, and they even believe they understand it, but when it comes to the book of Revelations, they are finding it rather difficult to understand but still skim through in hopes to find out they have been reading God’s word.  They know who wins, etc.  But what did they truly learn?  Nothing! At least not at first glance.  Many people skip this book because they don’t understand all the things in it or don’t want to mention God’s warnings of what will take place if people keep doing what they want without him.  I know most people I have talked to don’t believe such a loving God would have such destruction for those who are not willing to worship him.  Revelations is God’s closure to mankind.  Christ was in the beginning, and he is the end.  It isn’t impossible to go past the symbols, numbers, etc.  God and Satan have been at war with each other from the start.  Satan decided he was going to get people to follow after him and worship him as God, while Christ comes for those who truly honor God with their lives, hearts, and will keep them for himself.  The separation unfolds for those who find it hard to choose.  This is by far the ONLY book I have never heard preached at ANY church.  Why would it be this hard to talk about?  I don’t know.  Throughout all the books saying the same thing, but nobody is prepared to deal with Revelations. The most ignored book in the bible in my opinion.

Isn’t it amazing that when you walk with God and hear his voice, you know you are going the right way?  He even helps you when you are down, depressed, and think nobody cares.  He is watching over us, and he knows our own heart can only take so much.  But we miss all the importance of the word we read, and ignore the things we don’t understand and say we do.  Scriptures are that living water that cleanses us daily.  For this reason, Jesus did say to deny yourself, take up your cross DAILY, and follow him.  What doe s that mean to you?  Deny yourself, can mean a great deal of things.  Putting others before yourself, yes, and more.  Pick up your cross daily…Well, what does that mean to you?  Jesus either lives in you or he doesn’t.  Which is it?

Many who don’t know Jesus have their different versions of how to view things.  I know I have heard two versions of truth for each side of this, so I will tell it to you.

Version 1 goes like this…A man sits down, and within him is a beast that has two natures.  One of those natures is to be kind, courteous, thoughtful…you get the idea.  The other is a nature of anger, hate, being downright get the idea.  The outcome for that man is what nature he feeds most.

Well, there is another side to tell you…There are two farmers.  Both have problems with a long drought in their land.  Both have put their faith in God and believe in him, but only one man goes out to prepare his land for rain.  Which one is more trusting God to provide the rain?  Which one are you?

To follow Jesus, means to be persecuted, even by your great friends and family members when they don’t agree with you on a lot of things.  Most of my friends and family think I am still “lost in sin”.  By whose standard?  They never seem to accept me as saved, no matter what I do or say.  But you know?  I do know Jesus Christ as my Savior, and I have openly acknowledged him many times, but they refuse to believe me on that.  I even watched as they stripped me of my heart.  Just as they did to Jesus on that cross.  But instead of hating them for it, I found I still love them, even when it isn’t returned.  I can ONLY do that when in Christ.  My human nature would turn away and hate them, never to talk to them again.   I repented of my sins because I did that to him too. He reminded me, that even though I stand alone, he is there with me all the way.  He loved me even when I was still lost in sin.  He died for me, just as he died for you.  It wasn’t the nails that held him there, or killed him.  He died of a broken heart.  The one I yanked out of him upon that cross.  We all did.  Only a few have come to a place of repentance.  But he forgave us of our sins by dying for us.  He was buried and rose again as God promised he would in three days.  Jesus said if we confess with our mouths the Lord Jesus Christ, and believed in our hearts that he died, was buried and rose up again, that he would save us.  He stands at your heart’s door as you read this.  Is he knocking?  Well, go ahead, let him in.

What can I offer a church?  I don’t know.  A listening ear, encouragement, a smile, fellowship…oh how simple it is to just come and enjoy their company in union with songs, worship and praising God together.  One of the hardest things you will find is when you start asking questions, but find no answers.  Many who come in this fashion, are drawn out by wolves who say there is no God, and point you away from truth.

So I tell you again, even though you are alone, PUT GOD FIRST.  He brings you through some very tough times.  Stay in the Word and in Church!

© 2018 Deborah Elliott

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