Although this would be the first time I have ever used my imagination, I thought I would share with you some clips of my book that I am currently writing.  It is still in it’s rough drafts, but this book isn’t about just one person, its a collective group that God brings together, and each one has something in common with the others.  But courage is shared, not hidden.  We fight an enemy that we cannot see and to bring it out, we all interact with others in certain ways.  We laugh, love, cry, hurt, fight, and cheat each other in ways we never really thought of.  Sometimes it helps to take a step back and realize that people have one thing in common.  We are all created out of the same Loving God who makes everything.  Some of us learn about him, some don’t.  Some have faith of a mustard seed and believe miracles still happen, while others take to the side lines of reality and deny the very existence of something or someone greater than themselves.   The wars we fight are not of flesh and blood, but against the very principles that pull us apart, separate from God who made us to worship him and him alone.  But Cheyenne is that person who can be torn between love and hate, and has to decide who to choose to follow.  In the end, she comes to know scriptures are that group of missing letters that are written to tell each of us that we are bought with a great price, if we choose to believe in a God who dared fight for us in ways, we still have not yet known.


It was a fight in the school and the taller girl punched at Cheyenne in the face, and she fell down on the ground, and struggled to get back up.  She turned just in time to catch another punch, and lights out……Before another blow could be made, a girl with tall black hair stood over her and grabbed her hand and told her it was enough.  “Ill let you know when it’s enough stupid dumb…” Darlene took her hand and pulled it back and had her in a choke hold.  “Next time I say something, do it and don’t ask questions”.  “What are you, her guardian?”  “Let’s just say I will break your face if you go near her again and leave it at that”.   The girl struggled and finally gave in to the demands made on her and got up, grabbed her books and walked away.  Darlene Evans was not a bully, but everyone knew she fights dirty, and would kill if she had to.  It was the only way she knew, growing up.  She looks over the young girl laying on the floor, and checks for any broken bones, finding none; grabs up Cheyenne and carries her in a fireman cradle back to her truck where she puts her in the back and gets in to drive her home.

As the truck approaches the house, her mother is in the doorway looking at the stranger in the driver’s seat.  The door opens and Darlene gets out, picks up Cheyenne, and carries her to the door.  “Mrs. Winters, they are always bullying her, this time they knocked her out”.  Mrs. Winters opens the door and holds it open for them to pass through.  “And who might you be young lady?”.  “I am Darlene Evans, Ma’am”.  “Thank you for bringing her home and caring for her, how long have you known her at school?”.  “We never met before today, but I watched some kids picking on her at lunch, didn’t think much of it till after school when I noticed another girl knocked her out and kept wanting to hit her, so I stopped it”.  “I can appreciate this, thank you”.    Mrs Winters grabs a bowl with water and a rag, and begins treating the wounds on Cheyenne.  “You need to leave, now.”  Darlene leaves the room and heads out to the truck.  “And don’t come back”.  A puzzled look comes upon her face as she opens the truck door.  Darlene reaches into her back pocket, and hands Mrs. Winters a booklet.  “Here, you can find me here at this address if you need me again”.  “I don’t want your religion, young lady, I need answers.”  “That booklet has all the answers you will ever need Ma’am”.  She starts the truck and begins to back away from the house and turns the truck around as dirt flies into the air as she heads out of sight.  Mrs. Winters looks at the booklet, and reads the first page, King James Holy Bible.